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back in 1992, the lord sent 2 prophets to their No. CA church, where god revealed that he had called mark as an apostle & julie as a prophet. they take no honor upon themselves, BUT ONLY OBEY THE lORD, AS HE has required that they stand in the callings that He has PLACed on their lives.

the lord confirmed this reality to them numerous times through other prophets & Apostles over the years & he caused them to walk in these callings after moving them to texas.

in 2010 hE sovereignly began to send numerous pastors & Ministries from many different nations to come under their MINISTRY covering...MANY OF THEM God LITERALLY GAVE THEM mark's NAME.

 they freely offer them their prayers, godly wisdom, encouragement & ANY prophetic words that the lord MAY speak for them.

Currently they have pastors in the following countries under god'S apostolic covering :


Kenya, Africa - 4 pastors

Liberia, Africa - 1 pastor

Nigeria, Africa - 4 pastors

Pakistan - 1 pastor

Rwanda, Africa - 3 pastors

India - 4 pastors

Philippines - 3 pastors

Togo, Africa - 1 pastor

Uganda, Africa - 1 pastor