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Revival-Fire Church has been birthed by God under the leadership of Mark & Julie Moore. They both were both publically Ordained into the Gospel Ministry in 1985 & have served as pastors ever since. Though they both graduated from Berean College of the Assemblies of God, they are non-denominational.

Revival-Fire Church is currently based in the Kerrville, TX area. Mark & Julie were married on Oct. 30, 1972 & will be celebrating their 52nd anniversary in Oct. 2024. & They have 2 adult sons & 1 grand-daughter. They first served as pastors at Lake County Faith Bible Center in No. CA for 21+ years before the Lord sent them to Texas for His next plans for their lives. Before sending them to TX, their No. CA church had ongoing revival where God's Shekinah glory was literally manifested in each service for 5 years. After He sovereignly sent them to TX by signs, wonders & miracles He told them those 21 years were "training" for what He had for them next. He later launched them into the apostolic & prophetic mantles that He had placed upon them in 1992, when He sent 2 prophets to their church, revealing their true callings, where God said, though they were serving as pastors, He had called Mark, an apostle & Julie a prophet. Revival-Fire Church was born & God now uses them in:

"Bringing People Face To Face With The Presence Of God".

Mark & Julie are humbled to be anointed servants of the Lord Jesus Christ...He is the Potter, they are His clay. Their desire is to bring glory to the Lord, seeking to please Him with unwavering obedience, rather than obeying man, knowing that He is their everything & any goodness they possess is only from Him. The Lord flows strongly through them in the Prophetic, Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge and Healing. God uses them mightily to bring people "face to face with God's presence" through what they refer to as "Intensive Prophetic Worship".

Along with Mark being the worship leader & bringing forth prophecy in song, God has also mightily anointed Mark to speak a "now" word that penetrates the heart of the listener with the Living Word of God. God has also anointed Julie with a unique ministry which includes special gifts such as awesome Mime & Inspirational Dance. Julie is also a gifted preacher & teacher of the Word of God & has served as Children's Pastor & Teacher in ministries for over 35+ years. God has taught them that at altar time, they are to pray for everyone that desires a touch from God (no matter how many, or how long it takes). The Lord Jesus usually always imparts a specific "on target" word to each one, leaving them KNOWING that they are loved by Him.

God now uses them to minister to people from all over the world in ways that they never thought possible...through powerfully anointed prophetic worship services, through this website, as well as through various other personal contact. Because of the apostolic calling on Mark's life, God has sent numerous prophets, pastors & leaders, as well as many individuals to come under this ministry to mentor them. Many of these God literally sent to Mark, giving them his name. Mark & Julie's boast is only in God, for He gets all the glory for every good thing that manifests through their lives & ministry.

Lives are dramatically changed by their ministry because fulfilling God's will is first & foremost in their lives. Where ever they have gone they leave a trail of blessing, as people are impacted with the "life of God". New ministries are birthed, hearts and bodies are healed and people are raised up into their callings, as mature people of God.